current experiments seeking participants

If you’d like to participate in an experiment currently running in the lab, check the eligibility requirements and send an email to the experimenter to arrange a time. Most experiments will require about one hour of your time, but check with the experimenter for more details.

Project Requirements Exclusion Criteria Task Contact
Second language acquisiton of Tagalog Monolingual English Speakers* Must not know Tagalog (Filipino) Tagalog Word Learning + Self-Paced Reading Rachel Read
Greenberg’s Universal 20 Monolingual English Speakers* none Learning Artificial Language + judgement task David Hall
Interpreting Generalizations Native English speakers** none Truth Value Judgement Task Dimitra Lazaridou
Bilingual Advantage Monolingual English speakers* + Bilingual Spanish/English speakers none Picture Naming + Cue Matching Dimitra Lazaridou
Colour Variation and Gender Native English speakers** Must not be colour blind Picture Naming + Cue Matching Aysha Hasan

* For the purposes of these experiments, we are defining ‘Monolingual’ English Speaker as someone who would not define themselves as Bilingual (or Trilingual). Participants with education in a second language up to secondary school level will be accepted.
** ‘Native’ English Speakers must have begun speaking English before the age of 3, but can also be fluent speakers of other languages.


3 Replies to “current experiments seeking participants”

  1. Hi I am a student at Queen Mary’s University as part of my language and mind course I have to take part in a research experiment and write up a small report on my experiences. I’m a native speaker of English, I would be more than happy to take part in anyone of your studies. Please don’t hesitate to get into contact with me. 🙂

  2. Hey, I am required to be a participant in an experiment for my module language and mind. I will be willing to take part in any of the experiments above. Don’t hesitate to get back to me

  3. Ashlea, if you want to participate in an experiment you have to contact the experimenter. They are waiting to hear from you. Pick something that sounds interesting and write an email to the person in the ‘contact’ column.

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