four experiments currently running – sign up now

The following four experiments are currently running in the lab and require participants:

1. Spanish vs. English speech experiment.
This takes about 1hr, and includes a wide range of short tasks (answering questions, reading aloud, naming words, fill-in-the-blanks, speech detection and speeded response tasks). We are urgently looking for native English speaking monolinguals (some exposure to a second language is ok, but you should only be fluent in English).
If interested, contact Dr. Dimitra Lazardiou-Chatzigoga.

2. Truth Value Judgement experiment.
This will take about 30 minutes, and involves two tasks: judging whether a set of sentences are true (as quickly as you can) and completing a set of sentence fragments. If interested, contact Mr. Malcolm Skene ( to schedule an appointment.

3. Gesture and Syntax experiment.
This will take 20-30 minutes and is a reaction time experiment. Contact Dr. Hannah Sowden for more details.

4. Multilingualism and Performance on a button-pressing experiment
This experiment will take 15- 20 minutes and it is a reaction time experiment. Participants will simply have to sit in front of a computer screen and press buttons on a game pad. Participants must not be colour blind. If interested, please contact Afreen Kashmiri ( to schedule an appointment.


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