We are currently running three experiments in the lab:

1. Sentence Reading and Judgment Task comparing English, French and German L1 speakers

We are asking English, French and German L1 speakers to read sentences in English (while we monitor their eye-movements) and make a judgement about whether each sentence makes sense or not. The experiment takes about 15 minutes, and is followed by a short translation exercise. Participants will be paid £5. Contact qmul.ling.exp@gmail.com to sign up.

2. Possible word judgement task

We need native English speakers to read made-up word strings like like `untrace’ or `calmable’ and decide whether they are possible words of English or not by pressing a response button. The experiment takes about 25 minutes and participants are paid £5. Contact d.lazaridou-chatzigoga@qmul.ac.uk to sign up.

3. Sentence listening and word judgment task

We need native English speakers to listen to sentences and answer comprehension questions. While you are listening to the sentences you’ll sometimes be asked to say whether a string of letters that appears on the screen is a real word of English or not. This task is not as difficult as it sounds, but it does test your powers of concentration. To sign up, contact p.yao@qmul.ac.uk.