Welcome to LabEL – the Laboratory for Experimental Linguistics @ QMUL. This lab is currently mostly virtual – we run our experiments online, or out in local schools, or in collaboration with other labs in the UK and around the world, including Napoleon Katsos‘s Experimental Semantics and Pragmatics group at Cambridge University, and Alec Marantz‘s MorphLab Group of the Neuroscience of Language Lab at New York University, especially the Abu Dhabi site,  as well as our sister lab at Queen Mary: the Phonetics Lab directed by Esther de Leeuw and Adam Chong.

Our work has largely focused on issues related to morphological processing and representation, verbal argument structure and event morpho-syntax, and nominal semantic and pragmatic interpretation (genericity/quantification, mass/count), mostly in L1/monolingual adults, but with some work involving children, and some projects involving bilinguals.