A new name and a new home to start a new year

It’s finally happening! The new Linguistics Research Centre will be open for ‘business’ as of Monday, October 17th! We’ll have a large shared office for PhDs, a separate seminar room with additional workspaces for post docs and visitor, and, most importantly for us, we’ll have two testing rooms. One will house our eyetracker, which will finally have a proper home after a year and half in temporary quarters in the Psychology Department, and the second will be a behavioural testing room. We’ll be able to run a whole range of different kinds of experiments in these two testing labs, so students thinking about their dissertations should start imagining ways they might use these facilities.

To go along with the shiny new lab space, we have a new name. Thanks to Daniella Samos, we can exchange the boring and generic ‘Experimental Linguistics Lab’ for the much more exciting ‘Laboratory for Experimental Linguistics’. Why is that more exciting? Because it can be shortened to LabEL! Which, as any syntactician will tell you, is an extremely apt acronym for a linguistic research team. Even better, it lends itself extremely well to logo design, so at some point expect to see a spiffy logo atop this blog.

For now, watch this space for news about our lab meetings (starting soon), and experiments we’ll be running.


English Native Speakers Needed for Experiment – £8

Starting May 31st, we’ll need English native speakers to come into the lab to participate in our research. The experiment only takes about 30 minutes, and we’ll pay you £8 for participating. You’ll look at pictures and name common colours and objects while we record your responses. The data will help us with exciting new research looking at how languages evolve.

If you think you’d be interested, email the lab at qmul.ling.lab@gmail.com
Let us know which days work best for you between June 1st and June 18th (excluding weekends).

first experiment now running

Welcome to the brand new blog of the brand new Experimental Linguistics Lab at Queen Mary, University of London. We’ve just started running our first experiment this week, and we’re enthusiastically recruiting participants. click here for more information.

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